Action sheets, landing & profile pages, any size buttons — everything you need to build awesome React Native Apps.


Revolutionize user onboarding with WithFrame's sign-in & sign-up forms. From social logins to biometrics, our hand crafted components offer unique experience for any React Native application.

  • Sign In Forms thumbnail

    Sign In Forms

    6 components

  • Sign Up Forms thumbnail

    Sign Up Forms

    6 components

  • Forgot Password Screens thumbnail

    Forgot Password Screens

    3 components

  • Confirmation Code Screens thumbnail

    Confirmation Code Screens

    3 components

  • Permission Screens thumbnail

    Permission Screens

    3 components


This collection of intuitive screens and components for account settings and profile setup will help your React Native application to stand out.

  • Form Screens thumbnail

    Form Screens

    2 components

  • Settings Screens thumbnail

    Settings Screens

    4 components

  • Radio Groups thumbnail

    Radio Groups

    10 components

  • Input Groups thumbnail

    Input Groups

    8 components

  • Picker Screens thumbnail

    Picker Screens

    4 components


Next step in creating an amazing React Native application is personilized screens. Explore dozens of detailed screens and landing pages we've developed just for you.

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    Detail Screens

    8 components

  • Landing Pages thumbnail

    Landing Pages

    7 components

  • Home Screens thumbnail

    Home Screens

    8 components

  • Chat Screens thumbnail

    Chat Screens

    2 components


Another impactful piece of any React Native application is card and stacked lists. We've designed over 20 custom horizontal and vertical lists to fit into any application.

  • Card Lists thumbnail

    Card Lists

    8 components

  • Stacked Lists thumbnail

    Stacked Lists

    12 components

  • Horizontal Lists thumbnail

    Horizontal Lists

    3 components


Looking for something more customizable? Try just copying individual React Native elements and creating any page you want!

  • Avatars thumbnail


    11 components

  • Buttons thumbnail


    7 components

  • Button Groups thumbnail

    Button Groups

    8 components

  • Counters thumbnail


    3 components

  • Footers thumbnail


    3 components

  • Page Headers thumbnail

    Page Headers

    7 components

  • Profile Cards thumbnail

    Profile Cards

    5 components


To make your application more complete, we've created these customizable alerts, empty states, and action sheets.

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    Action Sheets

    12 components

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    6 components

  • Empty States thumbnail

    Empty States

    5 components

  • Paywalls thumbnail


    4 components

  • Stats thumbnail


    7 components