Add Device Frame to iPhone 8 Screenshots

Craft stunning iPhone 8 mockups with the device frame by uploading your screenshots below or using a single-line command.

curl -F 'file=@iphone-8-screenshot.png' ""

Replace @iphone-8-screenshot.png with your local screenshot file.

Info How to take a screenshot in the iOS Simulator?

Device Frame Colors

The iPhone 8 offers a selection of 3 distinct colors, each adding a unique aesthetic touch to your screenshots:

  • Silver #E4E4E2
  • Space Gray #25282A
  • Gold #F5DDC5

You can use any of these device frame colors with your screenshots by providing -F color="silver" as one of the curl options just like shown below.

curl -F 'file=@iphone-8-screenshot.png' -F 'color=silver' ""

Dimensions and Sizes

Understanding the technical specs of the device can help both developers and designers with their creations.

Here's a breakdown of the key aspects for iPhone 8:

Logical Width
Logical Height
Physical Width
Physical Height
Pixels per Inch
Scale Factor
Screen Diagonal

Source files

Click the links below to download the iPhone 8 device frames in PNG format.


What are Logical Pixels?

Logical pixels are often referred to as points on iPhone Devices and are usually used in development. They can be easily calculated using the formula:

Logical Width = Physical Width * 163 / Pixel Per Inch

What are Physical Pixels?

Physical pixels are referred to the actual size of the hardware pixels on the device.

What is the scale factor?

The scale factor is responsible for converting everything on your screen from the logical size to the device's physical size.

Are there any restrictions on the file format of the screenshots I can use?

WithFrame supports all common image types: PNG, JPEG, JPG, WEBP, and HEIC.

Can I use the same command for adding a device frame to multiple screenshots?

Yes, you can provide up to 5 screenshots using the curl command as shown below:

curl -F 'file=shot.png' -F 'color=silver' -F 'file=shot_2.png' -F 'color=gold' ""
What benefits does adding a device frame bring to my screenshots?

Adding a device frame to your screenshots provides a realistic context and enhances the visual appeal of your screenshots, whether you're displaying them on a website or using in presentations.

Is there a limit to the file size when using the command to add a device frame?

The maximum individual screenshot file size is 5MB.


  • Feel free to use these device frames for personal and commercial projects.
  • Do not redistribute or sell these device frames as standalone items.
  • If you find these resources helpful, consider giving credit or sharing this page with others.

Note: These device frames are designed to complement your work and provide a professional touch to your presentations. We hope you enjoy using them!

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iPhone 8 screenshot with the device frame